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#Mushrooms can be one of the hardest vegetables to store because of how quickly they can absorb too much moisture and start to go bad.
Keeping #mushrooms in their original packaging for as long as possible, storing loose #mushrooms in a paper bag or paper towels, and freezing mushrooms can all help keep them fresher longer.

---Keep the #mushrooms in their original packaging.
If you’re not going to use your #mushrooms right away, it’s okay to leave them in their original cardboard and plastic wrap packaging. The plastic wrap usually has holes which allow excess moisture to escape without drying the #mushrooms out.
---Rewrap the #mushrooms with shrink wrap.
If you do need a few #mushrooms right away, make the smallest hole possible in the original plastic covering. Once you’ve taken the #mushrooms you need out of the package, rewrap the area you removed them from with plastic wrap.
---Refrigerate them.
After you’ve brought the #mushrooms home, refrigerate them in their original packaging. Putting fresh #mushrooms in the refrigerator slows down the growing process and can prevent them from going bad quickly. Using this technique should keep your #mushrooms fresh for about a week.
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